Have you heard about animated marketing videos? Videos are one of the top mediums for marketing your business online. A short, engaging video that introduces your product, service or event will get people interested and involved in what you have to offer. We produce such videos, describing what you have to offer in a visually compelling way that gets attention and motivates people to take action. An animated video will strengthen your brand identity and will enhance your reputation.

Animated Marketing Videos on Facebook

The number of videos watched on Facebook alone totals over 4 billion per day and that number is rising. You now have the option of directly uploading your video file to your Facebook account, creating a feature video or playlist; you can even create a call to action to view one of your videos on your website. That is a great way to attract a bigger audience and get new enquiries.

Animated Marketing Videos on Twitter

Twitter has now started to take video marketing seriously. You can pin a video to the top of your timeline and entice new viewers, so that you can now gain a new audience on Twitter with an engaging animated video. You can even have us create a series of videos to use as the core of your marketing strategy. For instance, we can create video introductions that you post on Twitter, and Facebook too, that send people to a blog post on your website. As a result more interested people find out about you online.

Animated Marketing Videos on YouTube

YouTube is of course the giant when it comes to online video marketing for business. In fact, YouTube has over a billion users and that number is rising day by day. YouTube is a bit like Google for video. And because Google actually owns YouTube, your videos will appear in the search engine results pages. So, by simply using an animated marketing video on the YouTube platform, you can easily showcase your services and products to a massive audience.

If you haven’t explored animated marketing videos, you may be missing out on an opportunity to reach a larger audience. Isn’t it time to punch above your weight with a YelliTube video at the heart of your marketing campaign? Simply click the red “Get Started” button now at the top of this page.


Just look at some of the places you can use your marketing videos!

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